The History of Pollard

Stress-Free Car-Shopping

Dick Pollard and his Brother Bill started Pollard Chevrolet in Roscoe, Texas in 1956 and sold vehicles together for several years there as a Team.

When the opportunity came up to buy a For dealership in Carlsbad, New Mexico, Dick Pollard parted the business connections and went to New Mexico on his own as his brother went to Big Spring and started Pollard Chevrolet.

After several years in Carlsbad, Dick Pollard moved his dealership to downtown Lubbock, Texas.

 In 1970, Lubbock was hit by a Tornado that wiped out most of downtown and much of central Lubbock, including Pollard Ford on Texas Ave. in the downtown area. 

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With the downtown area in a shambles, Pollard turned to an area way on the outskirts of town by the brand new Loop 289. The loop was a 4 lane freeway located in the middle of cotton fields and the corner of Loop 289 and Indiana became the new location of what was to become Pollard Friendly Ford.

With building starting out in the "middle of nowhere" Pollard worked out of a large tent and the dealership grew as the city of Lubbock grew around Pollard Friendly Ford. 

Over the years, Pollard has been involved with many organizations, Red Cross, Womens Protective Services, United Way, and various schools. When Lubbock was in true need of something, Mr. Pollard would quietly find a way to help without fanfare and recognition.

Stress-Free Car-Shopping

Mr. Pollard has always felt it was his duty to help, just never wanted to collect awards and accolades in the process. Instead he centered on running his business the best it could be run, giving each and every customer a fair deal and great service before, during and after the sale.

In the mid-70's Mike Edwards came along and joined the sales staff. Moving up quickly inside the company, Edwards become the New Vehicle manager, then General sales Manager and finally partner with Dick Pollard.

In the early 80's Mike Edwards saw that a lot of the automotive business was going to turn to used cars and decided to gamble with the idea that Pollard Ford could become the largest, most prolific used car dealer in Lubbock, if not West Texas!

Ignoring all the "experts" in the business, Edwards lined up over 150 used vehicles and a large sales force specifically hired to sell Used vehicles and hit the ground running.
IN the first month of the "experiment', the dealership sold 150 vehicles, leaving every "expert' in awe and the dealership has not stopped selling more and more vehicles, outselling all other dealership combined.

Pollard has done may "firsts"...we were the first to sell that many used cars and trucks, first to have a half hour "show" devoted to advertising Used cars, new cars and the services of Pollard Ford. This "show" has been running continually for over 33 years.
One for the first to offer extended warranties on used vehicles. One of the few to have a Body Shop integrated with the dealership to insure that Ford vehicles were fixed the way Ford wanted. 

Adding locations across the panhandle and in Lubbock, Pollard has proven to be a constant and consistent place for the people in West Texas to shop and fulfill all of their automotive needs.

Mr. Foster came inboard around 2001-2002 as a finance manager and has slowly been Learning the company as well as growing the company as General Sales Manager, and currently General Manager.

With growth in all facets of the automotive business, Pollard Friendly Ford has stayed at the forefront of business with fair practices, customer satisfaction and repeat buyers (sometimes stretching for generations) employee satisfaction with benefits that other companies only dream of and a future that is bright and endless.

Many of our staff has been with Pollard for long periods of time. Many small companies might have one or two employees that stay for 10-15 years, but Pollard has many that have been working here for 30-50 years. Employees do not stay where they do not feel appreciated and the longevity of our workforce shows that the company appreciates it's employees and the employees make the company what it is.